Business Overview:

Hera Brand, Inc. (HERA) has developed a proprietary new product called the Mobile Health Pack to maximize efficient delivery of high-quality home and community-based healthcare. The Mobile Health Pack was designed to enhance the organization, occupational wellness and efficiency of healthcare providers, while promoting simplified Patient-Centered Care.

The Mobile Health Pack empowers healthcare professionals, supports portable electronic device charging and promotes the use of mHealth technology in the community. HERA’s team of designers, healthcare experts, engineers and business professionals are dedicated to simplifying healthcare and solving persistent social problems with public health in the forefront.

Our Focus:

The Mobile Health Pack™ is portable healthcare delivery system that allows healthcare professionals to perform their duties with maximum efficiency in a non-institutional setting. Initially, HERA chose to focus the Company’s attention on the field of midwifery because of the overwhelming need and opportunity to make an impact. The anatomy of the Mobile Health Pack™  was intentionally designed to be transferrable to community health aides and nurses, occupational and physical therapists, home hospice and palliative care providers and medical mission volunteers due to similarity of need and significant size of the market.

Our Team:


Tessa Balencic

CEO & Co-founder

Hera Brand, Inc.


Jordan Balencic, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Hera Brand, Inc.