Healthcare Reimagined.™

The Mobile Health Pack empowers healthcare professionals, supports portable electronic device charging and promotes the use of mHealth technology in the community. HERA’s team of designers, healthcare experts, engineers and business professionals are dedicated to simplifying healthcare and solving persistent social problems with public health in the forefront.


The Mobile Health Pack™

  • A superiorly organized portable healthcare delivery pack.
  • Easy-clean materials with antimicrobial protection.
  • Durable construction and hardware.
  • Two backpacks in one – only carry the items you need when you need them in the detachable front backpack.
  • Ergonomic features to enhance occupational wellness.
  • Intuitive design optimizes patient-centered care delivery.
  • 18V removable solar panel power station for electronic device charging and supports mHealth technology use.
  • Profession specific functionality built-in.

Designed for Healthcare Professionals


The world’s first emphatically designed, hyper-organized, portable healthcare delivery system for providers.